Elite Slovak athletes at the upcoming European Cross Country Championships

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The European Cross Country Championships attract the best athletes in Slovakia. Since x-bionic® sphere is the first to introduce a race of mixed relays 4 x 1.5 km, two of the best Slovak middle-trackers, Jozef Repčík and Jozef Pelikán, have expressed interest in attendending the race.

“If Slovakia decides to run in the relay race, I’d like to be part of it,” said the Slovak record-maker on 800 m, Jozef Repčík. “If I run in the relay, it won’t be such a big change as far as preparation is concerned, because I will be running 1.5 kms instead of 10 kms, for which I would have to train differently. I’ll be thrilled if we manage to do the relay. I am also happy that Slovakia will host this prominent event in such a beautiful environment.”

Despite being a specialist on 800 and 1500 m tracks, Repčík is no stranger to cross country disciplines. Last year, he won the 4 km race at the Slovak Championships, in 2012 he finished second, the year before he won bronze.

Jozef Pelikán, our best athletes on 1500 m, is also a big fan of cross country. He is looking forward to the European Championships in Šamorín. “If we won’t participate in the relay, I’ll try to qualify for the men’s race,” said the 33-year-old runner representing Slávia UK Bratislava. He finished 10th at the Slovak Running Championships.

The 24th European Championships in Šamorín are on the list of the best marathon runners in Slovakia, Tibor Sahajda and Jozef Urban from TJ Obal servis in Košice.

“We will rest for a bit after the marathon in Košice, we will recharge our batteries, and then we will try to win a place in the Slovak team at the team trials,” said Sahajda and Urban, who broke their personal records last Sunday with times 2:18:44 and 2:21:51, respectively. Urban has taken part in European Cross Country Championships three times (2013, 2014, 2016), while for Sahajda, this will be his debut race.