Farrier's Steak House

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+421 313 262 000

Farrier's Steakhouse  is located by the entrance of the x-bionic® equestor sphere



All of our grilled meals are carefully cooked using genuine Tuscany stove designed by food industry artist Paolo Parisi. Paolo crafted this piece of technological artwork for many years before his design reached state of perfection in temperature uniformity. Whilst lots of other grills are typical for swinging temperature throughout cooking, this stove is exclusive in construction that keeps cooking temperature consistent for time necessary to serve the best meat dishes possible. Thanks to this extraordinary property combined with wood charcoal, our food delivers unmistakable aroma and taste. All kind of meat including fish, side dishes and desserts are served with exclusive result to pamper all your senses. We are proud to be only third restaurant worldwide to bring you this unique experience on a top-class level.


PRIME class of beef comes from young bulls in the age between 22 and 24 months mostly bred on corn and natural grass from free roam meadows. This meat is exquisite in taste with hint of butter thanks to method of dry maturing. This technique allows meat to slowly lose

moist and almost 20% of raw weight which results in powerful taste of true PRIME. Specific marble like texture is a high proof of maturity of meat, creates higher content of fat volume and is one of the most essential properties due to its influence on taste, scent, juiciness and tenderness of our meat. Up to 15% of PRIME meat volume resides in soft marble like fat texture. According to strict regulations and rules of manufacture, only 2% of total beef meat production can be proudly labeled as USDA Prime.


Simmental breed of beef is one among the oldest breeds on the earth. It origins in Switzerland and from there this beef spread throughout the whole world. Its unique taste and tenderness in structure is typical result of dry maturing process.

Restaurant is open from 10:00 – 22:00


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Farrier's Steak House

x-bionic® sphere
Dubová 31,
931 01 Šamorín-Čilistov
48.015969, 17.302844
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Contacts and reservations.:
+421 904 493 822
Hours of operation
Po - Ne: 10:00 - 22:00