Golden Garden

  • 4 different

    types of restaurants and 2 classy bars to choose from

  • Fresh ingredients

    from local suppliers

  • Organic ingredients

    served from farm to table

  • Á la carte

    restaurant for special occasions

+421 313 262 000

An extraordinary place for a truegourmet experience


The Rye Island legend has it that Šamorín was home to beautiful golden haired fairies. Their queen Tündér Ilona swam on the Danube River as a swan and the beauty and wealth of her water palaces bedazzled everyone. Everything around glittered as golden dust fell off the fairies’ shoes. The Rye Island was known as the Golden Garden.  

The exclusive Golden Garden à la carte restaurant, with a seating capacity of 40 guests and a unique design, is an extraordinary place, offering an unforgettable menu for the most demanding visitors. It creates anexceptional opportunity for clients who would like to rent the restaurant as a venue for their event. As part of the haute cuisine concept, there will be special presentations by prominent chefs from all around the world, including carefully selected tasting menus.

The Golden Garden will be open on special occasions.