x-bionic® teamsport sphere

  • Multifunctional sport hall

    with 3 handball fields

  • 5000

    pax capacity within grandstand

  • 4

    Beach Volleyball courts in international standards

  • FIFA

    standards football stadium

+421 313 262 000

Player or fan: this sphere awaits you with thrilling tournaments and fascinating team sports

The x-bionic® teamsport sphere is a specifically designed set of venues to satisfy team sport requirements.Irrigation ensures the outdoor grounds are of excellent standard during all seasons. To ensure the maximum use of the facility x-bionic® teamsport sphere is available for sporting, recreational, corporate and community events.


  • Football stadium at FIFA standards with overall capacity for 5 000 viewers
  • 4 Beach Volleyball courts at FIVB standards
  • Multifunctional sport hall with 3 handball fields and capacity for 5 000 visitors (opening in 2017 )
  • All sports grounds are equipped with artificial lighting in standards for TV broadcasting